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BIG Advantages

May 16, 2018 Leave a comment

So a company in the construction business is using accounting software like QuickBooks or Timberline which have built in reports.   The reports can be customized to a certain extent and most of them produce the output that is needed for the standard needs of a company.    Using a product like Sunset Reports can take it to a new level with custom reports from scratch where the user has complete control over the content.   Plus, the ability to schedule reports and distribute them in a variety of ways is something almost no accounting software can do.   Two big advantages.

But there is more….  The same company is also using a project scheduling package like Microsoft Project and another package to manage contracts, subcontractors, communications, change orders, etc., and then another software program to do take-offs and estimates.   Each one is perfect for the function it performs, and each one creates reports as necessary.    But you cannot combine the information from all these software packages to produce reports that tie it all together unless you use a program like Sunset Reports.   A really BIG advantage.

Sunset Reports not only can connect to almost any software package to use as a data source, but it can combine the data sources onto one report.   A single reporting solution that will provide consistency across all applications and is fully customizable with the ability to schedule the reports as well as send them or publish them to a variety of destinations and in a variety of formats.

This scenario is not only applicable to the construction industry, but also to materials, consumer goods, financial, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, publishing, technology, utility industries, etc..

Want to Make Money?

July 23, 2012 Leave a comment
We are looking for some reports or documents created with Sunset Reports to use as examples of what can be done.   Contact us at for the details of this offer.   If we accept your submission for inclusion on our website on a new Examples webpage, we will pay you $100.   You may make multiple submissions and you can make $100 for each submission we post.   This opportunity is for a limited time, so act now.
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Product Integration

May 29, 2012 Leave a comment

In the last two posts about Quickbooks (CleverQ) and Medical Software (PsychNotesEMR) , you saw how Sunset Reports can enhance other software by providing a reporting solution.   Sunset Reports will enhance your software as well, by providing a complete reporting tool and information management solution.   To find out more contact us at

Attention Educators and Students

February 21, 2011 Leave a comment

We are offering you a FREE TRIAL of Sunset Reports for the duration of a semester. The software is a great working software tool for a variety of “Information System” topics. It is easy to install and no additional software is required. Many samples are included and the instructors can create their own examples. Sample course outlines are provided and all concepts are directly applicable to other software. And at the end of the semester there is a discount available for purchase.

The applicable subject areas include: Data Analysis, SQL and Query Design, Report Design, Graphing Data, Web Page Design, and Programming.

Here is a document with some suggested course outlines.
Course Outlines PDF