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Sunset Reports Gauges

January 15, 2013 Leave a comment

With Version 1.89 you now have 4 new items on the toolbar in the report designer.   These items are:

  • Full Circle GaugeGauge
  • Half Circle Gauge
  • Horizontal Gauge
  • Vertical Gauge

With the combination of gauge types and background styles, you have over 100 gauges to choose from.

There are numerous properties associated with each gauge and some properties can be bound to your data source.

For more information, see the this PDF file – > Sunset Reports Gauges

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QuickBooks and CleverQ

January 5, 2013 Leave a comment

Intuit has provided an ODBC source called QODBC which is a data source interface to Quickbooks.   With this ODBC interface you can extract data from Quickbooks allowing reports and other information gathering applications to use the data.   A version of Sunset Reports is included in a product called CleverQ which can extract Quickbooks data in a different way and can provide dashboards, gauges, scorecards, charts, reports, and more.   It can also import data from Microsoft Excel, Access, and other compliant ODBC databases.  Click HERE to find out more.