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Quick Introduction

December 31, 2018 Leave a comment

Sunset Reports is based on award winning components and proven technology, and provides users an alternative to such software as Crystal Reports, SSRS, and others.  The report designer handles all types of content.   And you can even import report designs from other software as well.  The report queue allows for scheduling of reports, file and document distribution including recurring schedules and provides easy to use list and calendar views.  Besides using Sunset Reports as a reporting tool, it is perfect for information management, data analysis, business analytics, visualizations, web site design, making labels, data conversion, document management, document distribution, and lots more.

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All In One Software

April 23, 2013 Leave a comment

As we continue to see how people use Sunset Reports, we are amazed to find out that the product can do so much.   In surveying our current user base, we have found the functionality of the software going beyond what we originally intended.   Here is a small list of how the software has been used (The first few were obvious, but included here to make the list as complete as possible.)

  • Reporting Tool
  • Data Analysis
  • Business Analytics
  • Management Dashboards
  • Charting
  • Visualizations
  • Business Graphics
  • Web Site Design
  • Web Page Designer
  • Label Maker
  • Word Processor
  • Dunning Letters
  • Data Conversion Tool
  • Document Management
  • Document Distribution
  • FTP Client
  • File Backup Manager
  • Report Server
  • Report Subscriptions
  • Meeting Presentations
  • Report Scheduler
  • Model What-if Scenarios
  • Email Blasts

If you are using the product for something not on this list, drop us a line, we would love to hear from you.

Feature List

March 27, 2013 Leave a comment
Data Connectivity Data Sources MS Access (all versions), SQL Server, MS Excel, Oracle, OLEDB, ODBC, MS Outlook, MySQL, and more
Visual Query Builder Grouping, Sorting, Filtering, Sub-queries, derived tables, Union queriesAdvanced properties: Aliases, Virtual fields, Various SQL Dialects, Visual representation modes
Report Design Contents grouping, filters, sorting, bands, sub-reports, styles, summaries, calculated fields, watermarks, backgrounds, bookmarks, parameters
Controls text boxes, lines, shapes. barcodes, checkboxes, page info, panels, images, page breaks, tables, postal codes, rich text controls, cross-band controls, hyperlinks, multi-columns, cross-references, gauges, map control
Pivot Tables OLAP, Key Performance Indicators, (KPI) Graphics
Charts & Graphs 56 Types with many options2D, 3D, Regression and Trends
plus Parameters, scripts, wizards, labels, mail merge, Drilldown, Drillthrough, Document Map, Multiple reports within a single reportImport from Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Data Dynamics Active Reports, and DevExpress
Report Definitions Parameters Select from a data sourceText, Numeric, Static Dates, Dynamic Dates, Fixed and Prompted
plus Multiple definitions using the same design, Descriptions, Titles, External files (treat a file from other software as a report), Print/Preview, Export, Email
Distribution & Delivery Report Processor Runs as a service in the background
Similar functionality to a Report Server
Has the functionality of a server without an operating system server, database server, or web server
Handles report subscriptions
Report Bursting, Report Exploding, Report Splitting, Email Blasts, Email Broadcasting
Report Queue Schedule one time, Schedule recurring, List and Calendar views
Email Requests Monitor email requests, Reply to emails with attached reports/documents
FTP Transfer reports to FTP Site
Website Semi-Static Website, Automatic Index page creation for reports including nested folders
File Formats Document: pdf, html, mht, rtf, txt
Data: txt, csv, xls, xlxs
Graphic: bmp, emf, gif, jpeg, png, tiff, wmf
PDF’s can be password protected

Business Asset

May 26, 2012 Leave a comment

One of the most important assets in business is DATA and when the data is turned into INFORMATION, it becomes the primary asset of a business.   Transforming data from a variety of sources, making it accessible, and presenting it in a form that is useful is the main purpose of Sunset Reports.    Timely information and business intelligence in the right format gives managers the ability to

  • Make quicker decisions
  • Make smarter dicisions
  • Adapt to changes
  • Affect the bottom line

With Sunset Reports, you do not have to manually run reports, they can be delivered on demand or scheduled to occur on a recurring basis.    They can be delivered to a manager’s workstation or portable device like a smartphone or tablet.   They can show up on a website, email, or message.

Unbound Report with Scripts

May 10, 2012 Leave a comment

Here is an example of what you can do with scripts in a report.   First start with a blank report design with no data source.    Drag a chart object onto the design surface as shown in the figure.

Next add the following code in the scripts tab….

'Define a class to represent an individual record with properties to be data source fields
Public Class Record
  Dim _id As Integer
  Dim _txt As String
  Dim _num as double
  Public Sub New(ByVal id As Integer, ByVal txt As String, ByVal num As Double)
    Me._id = id
    Me._txt = txt
    Me._num = num
  End Sub
  Public Property ID() As Integer
          Return _id
       End Get
       Set(ByVal Value As Integer)
          _id = Value
       End Set
   End Property
   Public Property Txt() As String
          Return _txt
       End Get
       Set(ByVal Value As String)
          _txt = Value
       End Set
    End Property
   Public Property Num() As Integer
          Return _num
       End Get
       Set(ByVal Value As Integer)
          _num = Value
       End Set
    End Property
 End Class

'Populate the chart before printing Private Sub chart1_BeforePrint(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As System.Drawing.Printing.PrintEventArgs)
     ' Create a list.
     Dim listDataSource As New ArrayList()
    ' Populate the list with records.
     listDataSource.Add(New Record(1, "Android", 29))
     listDataSource.Add(New Record(2, "Galaxy", 32))
     listDataSource.Add(New Record(3, "Lumia", 51))
     listDataSource.Add(New Record(4, "iPhone", 84))
    ' Remove the default series if any
     for i as integer = 0 to chart1.series.count-1
       dim serie as series = chart1.series(i)
     next i
     ' Bind the chart to the list.
     chart1.DataSource = listDataSource
    ' Create a series, and add it to the chart.
     Dim series1 As New Series("My Series", ViewType.Bar)
    ' Adjust the series data members.
     series1.ArgumentDataMember = "txt"
     series1.ValueDataMembers.AddRange(New String() { "num" })
    ' Access the view-type-specific options of the series.
     CType(series1.View, BarSeriesView).ColorEach = True 
     series1.LegendPointOptions.Pattern = "{A}"
End Sub

Now preview the report and you will  get the following:

Sample Report available HERE to download.

Chart Series Views and Indicators

April 19, 2012 Leave a comment

For certain chart types, you can add an indicator to the series views.  There are 9 different types: Regression Line, Trend Line, Fibonacci Arcs, Fibonacci Fans, Fibonacci Retracement, Simple Moving Average, Exponentional Moving Average, Weighted Moving Average, and Triangular Moving Average. Each one has some additional properties that are different from each other. Most people are already familiar with regression, trend, and moving averages. The Fibonacci indicators are primarily used for financial analysis, but with Sunset Reports you can use them with not only stock and candlestick charts, but for any 2D X-Y chart as well as the Gantt series of charts. There are a number of good websites that will give you details of the Fibonacci indicators. Quickly, these indicators expose the golden rule symmetry between two series and are useful to forecast levels of support or resistance for a trend.  Check out this link for more information- Fibonacci Number

More posts coming on this topic, so keep checking back.

Business Dashboard

April 17, 2012 Leave a comment

To create a webpage that has several charts on it like a dashboard do the following:

If you start with a blank report, add all the data sources you need by choosing the “Add Data Source” menu item on the report designer. Then add one or more chart controls onto the report. Click on the chart smart tag on the top right if each chart and select the Data Source, Data Member, and Data Adapter. Do this for each chart. Run the chart wizard now to setup the chart. Arrange the charts so the report appears like a dashboard. You are now ready to go.

Your dashboard can include pivot tables as well as subreports.   There is no limit to the formatting options.   Then set it up to output in all kinds of different file formats and be sent to a website, FTP site, emailed, or other output option.

Note:  For a even more powerful Dashboard solution, check out CleverQ.   This product actually includes a version of Sunset Reports built-in.

Output Formats

April 3, 2012 Leave a comment

There are over 15 different output formats for your reports.   This includes PDF (with optional password), HTML, MHT, RTF, XLS, XLSX, CSV, Text, BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIFF, EMF, and WMF.