Help and Support

As with any software product, sometimes you just need a little help.   Sunset Reports was designed to be very intuitive, but because of the depth of the product, you may need some assistance.

1 – User Manual
One of the best ways to learn about a software product and appreciate the depth of a product is to review the user manual.   We are not suggesting you read each page, but review the table of contents, browse the figures, and look at whatever strikes your interest.   You can also judge the quality of the product by the documentation.  So check out the User Manual.  It has a good table of contents, and with most PDF readers, you can search for terms and find specific topics.

2 – Videos

There are a couple of videos on our YouTube Channel that are quite informative.

3 – White Paper

This white paper is an excellent overview and show you the steps from begining to end from connecting to a data source, to scheduling the report in the queue.

4 – Samples

There are working sample reports available with the product.  Choose “Sample Reports” from the Help menu and select nwind_sample.rdb.

5 – This Website/Blog

This website/blog is full of posts with helpful hints, tips, advice, and other help and support topics.   Use the search feature to find particular topics.

6 – Free Email Support

If you still cannot figure something out, you can email us at with your questions.   Support via email is FREE as long as it has to do with the software itself and not any specific report you are trying to design.

Live Online Training

1 hour minimum real time online training with an instructor and scheduled for a specific date and time.   $100 USD per hour.

To purchase Online Training, email and request Live Online Training, a date and time you prefer, and the amount you wish to purchase.   An invoice will be emailed to you with payment instructions.  After payment is received, you will receive an Email with confirmation and instructions.

8 – Paid Technical Support

For paid technical support you can buy support as follows:

15 minute minimum charge per call

To purchase technical support click on the links above and pay thru PayPal.  After payment is received, you will receive an Email with an access code and instructions.

Version History

Click on this link to see the product versions and history – >  Version-History