About the Product

Q: What is Sunset Reports?
A: Sunset Reports is a lot of things. It is of course a report designer/writer. But it is also a flexible and powerful tool to connect to data sources, build queries, use report designs to create documents, and integrate documents from other software. It is also an awesome report distribution system that can respond to emails, schedule document creation, publish and distribute reports/documents in many formats through local file shares, FTP transfer, and emails. You can use it to convert data from one format to another, create semi-static websites, create labels, do mail merges, and more.   Manage information from a variety of sources and systems with one tool.

Q: How do I get the product?
A: Within 24 hours after payment has been received, you will receive an email with a link and password to download the product along with a serial number. Enter the serial number when requested during the installation process.

Q: Do we provide a test or trial version?
A: No, we no longer provide a version you can try for free.

Q: What is a semi-static website?
A: First let’s understand what a static and dynamic web page is. A static web page does not have any changeable contents without someone using a web publishing tool to manually update the page. A dynamic web page is created by a web server usually based on some user input. A dynamic web page requires programming skills, and the configuration of a web server to create the pages on demand. This is a very complex process but is necessary in many applications. Unfortunately, the building of a report from a database can take a long time and in the case of a dynamic web site, the time it takes to create the web page may require the user wait for a while. A semi-static website contains web pages that are created automatically and ahead of time by Sunset Reports and are ready for the user immediately. No web server is required and no programming knowledge is required.

Q: Are there any plans to expand the database connection options?
A: Sunset Reports has an extensive set of options at this point. Some databases may not be listed on the selections, but if you can construct a connection string with OLEDB or ODBC, Sunset Reports should be able to work with it.

Q: What programming language is the software written in?
A: The entire software package is written in a combination of VB.net and C#.


Q: Can I use the software on more than one computer?
A: If you purchased the Workstation or Server edition, you are allowed to install the software on 2 computers. The second computer should be for backup or mobile use. You will need to activate the software on both computers.

Q: What are the details of the licensing agreement?
A: Click here to view the End User License Agreement.

Q: Can I return the software?
A: Yes, if you purchased the software directly from the SunsetReports.com website, you have up to 30 days to return the software provided you have not received a license key. You can use the software for 30 days after purchase without activation, so verify the software meets your needs BEFORE you send in your registration key and request a license key. There is a 10% service charge for returns. If you have purchased the software from a different distributor, check their return policies.


Q: Is there a maintenance agreement and what does it cost?
A: Maintenance is provided FREE provided any issues you have are related to the product itself and not any specific report you have or are trying to design. If you experience a problem with the product, you can send an email to support@sunsetreports.com with a description of the problem. You should receive a response within 24 hours. Some problems may already be addressed. Refer to the help and support page and/or search the blog/forum for your problem first before sending a support email.


Q: Will there be product updates and what will they cost?
A: Updates are FREE with no time limit. As with all software, minor changes are made and bugs are fixed. You will be either contacted when an update is available, or you can check the support page.


Q: What is the policy for product upgrades?
A: An upgrade is defined as a new version with significant enhancements. Licensed users will be offered discounts on major product upgrades.

Q: Can I request a new feature be added to the program?
A: Yes, please do. We are very receptive to requests from our user community and want to enhance the product. Email your suggestions to ideas@sunsetreports.com.


Q: How do I get technical support?
A: First check the Help and Support page. To take advantage of the FREE technical support, please email your request to support@sunsetreports.com. Paid technical support is available by phone or a joint session.

Q: What if I need help with a particular report I am working on?
A: We are happy to provide help with your specific reports, but this requires paid technical support. You will need to pre-purchase a block of time. Refer to the Help and Support page for options and more information.


Q: How complicated is installation of the software?
A: It is very easy. Once you have received your email with a link to the installation program and a serial number, you download the software and install it. Enter the serial number you received during the installation process. After that, you will have a shortcut on the desktop to start the program and also entries on the Start Menu to run the program, go to the support website, and view the user manual. There is also an entry to uninstall the program as well. Once you start the program, you will be prompted to activate the software. You can skip over this screen for up to 30 days before you need to activate it.

Q: How do I activate the software?
A: On the License Activation form, enter the name you want to register the software under, and enter the serial number you originally received. Press the “Create Key” button to create the registration key. Press the “Create Email” button and a message will popup telling you that information was placed on the clipboard and you should paste this into an email. You should then forward the email to register@sunsetreports.com. Within a short period of time, but no more than 24 hours, you will receive another email with your license key. Copy that into the License Key field on the same form and press the “Activate” button.

Q: Is activation different for the Enterprise edition?
A: Yes, you will only need to create one email with a registration key from one of the computers. The license key you receive will work on all the other computers provided the Registration Name is the same.