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Map Control

February 28, 2013 Leave a comment

The new Map Control can be added to a report design and will display a map using Google Maps – Static Maps API. This control unlike all others requires an internet connection when the report is run, so the map can be retrieved from the service.

Use of this control must be in compliance with Google’s licensing policies. Sunset Reports only provides a convenient method to access this service and cannot be responsible for its use.

Click on the image to see a simple example.

MapControlExampleThe properties that have been implemented with this control are listed in the following table. These unique properties are shown under Misc on the Property Grid in the report designer. All properties can be bound to a data source except APIKey and are also listed under Data – Data Bindings in the Property Grid.

Property Description
Address Can be either “latitude,longitude” or a location string. The location can be a country, city, state, zip code, place, or street address.
APIKey Optional, depends on usage.  Refer to:
ImageURL This property can be entered directly but you must leave the Address field blank. Otherwise, this property shows the URL being sent to the service as a result of all the other properties. You will usually not set this property directly.
MapType Can be either Roadmap(0), Satellite(1), Terrain(2), or Hybrid(3). Use the numbers if you bind this property to a data source.
MarkerXlocation Where X can be 1 to 9.Using the same format as the property Address, you can specify up to 9 markers that will appear on the map.
Path This property can be used to specify one or more locations connected by a path to overlay on an image. You can specify styles as well. Refer to this link for more detail. Do not include “path=” in this property.
ZoomLevel Values from 0 (entire earth) to 21 (individual buildings)
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Version 1.91 Released

February 28, 2013 Leave a comment

This version includes a new “Map Control”.  More posts will be available to describe this new feature.  The User Manual has been updated.

All current Sunset Reports customers get this update FREE.

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MySQL Reporting Tool

February 13, 2013 Leave a comment

There has always been a need for a good MySQL Reporting tool.   Sunset Reports offers several methods of connecting to MySQL databases that makes it a good choice for creating reports using MySQL databases.

Using the built-in Query builder you can connect directly to a MySQL database as shown in the next figure.

The Query Builder also supports SQL Dialects for the different versions of MySQL.

But of course, you can simply use the ODBC connection if you choose.