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Version 1.82

December 12, 2011

This version does not add any major new features, just corrects several issues including:

  • Several bug fixes in the report designer (updated to DevExpress version 11.2.5)
  • Several bug fixes in the query builder (updated to Active Query Builder version
  • Fixed issue with multi-user installation
  • Added the ability to persist security info in the SQL dialog in the query builder
  • Fixed backup filename after using the sample reports
  • Fixed sorting of categories on report definition dropdown list
  • Added new options on the Outlook connection using the query builder
  • Fixed error when adding a new data source in the report designer and in particular when connecting to an accdb file.
  • Fixed using SMTP servers with user name and password.   Added SPA Authentication.   Added ability to send a test email from the preferences form.
  • Added auto refresh Queue List
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