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The Best Label Software

November 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Yes, Sunset Reports is a great label generating program.   In addition to all the other things you can do with the software, creating labels could not be easier.   Whether you are using a data source or not, the label wizard will guide you through the process.  Choose from hundreds of predefined label products from different companies including AOne, APLI, Avery, Devauzet, ERO, Formtec, Herma, Herlitz, Hisago, Kokuyo, MACO/Wilson Jones Standard, and Zweckform.  Or create your own custom label.  You can add all kinds of controls on the label including text boxes, images, zip code bars, linear bar codes or 2D bar codes.   There are over 22 different symbologies available for bar codes.   The mail merge feature also makes embedding data into the text fields very powerful.

So whether you are creating mailing labels, inventory labels, identification labels, media labels, shipping labels, badges, business cards, file folder labels, product labels, or anything else, Sunset Reports will do the job and make it simple and easy.

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