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Reporting from the Web

July 26, 2011 Leave a comment

If you need the ability to include Web data in a report, here is a great method.  Using Excel gives you the ability to get data from the Web.   The data comes from tables that exist on web pages.   You create a web query in Excel 2010 by going to the Data tab on the ribbon bar, then selecting the icon “From Web”.   Using the New Web Query dialog, select a data table on the web page.   Once you click “Import”, the data is loaded onto the worksheet and the data range is given a name.   You can change the name if you want.   Now, with a named range, Sunset Reports can directly read the data and you have a data source for your report.

We have plans to include Web RSS feeds as a data source for a report as well as capturing an image of a webpage and placing it in a report.   These changes are currently in development.

Version 1.8

July 8, 2011 Leave a comment

This version does not add any new features, just corrects several issues including:

  • Conditional Formatting: Formatting Rules do not work
  • Export: When exporting a report to an image, extra pixels are added
  • A NullReferenceException occurs after modifying a property for multiple controls using the Report Designer’s Property window
  • An incorrect TopMarginBand height in Preview if the band contains controls
  • Parameters: Cannot use custom parameters with empty values
  • DetailReportBand’s FilterString property does not work when using display names of DataSource properties
  • Expression Editor does not take the DisplayName property value of nested fields into account
  • Expression Editor- An incorrect data field is shown after closing and re-opening the editor
  • Formatting rules cannot use the DisplayName property of DetailReportBand
  • The FilterString property cannot use display names of an entity’s properties
  • Wrong field names are displayed in Label’s Mail Merge
  • Scale Factor is applied incorrectly
  • It should not be possible to embed a grid into a Table Cell and other Controls
  • Embedded images are not displayed in HTML in the Rich Text Control
  • Table Control: In-place editing for cells is not available after double-clicking a Table Cell
  • Charts: Axis Labels: When the Angle property differs from a multiple of 90 degrees, the axis label can overlap the diagram
  • Data Sources: When Using MS SQL, the field list does not populate when starting a new report
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