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Version 1.7

June 28, 2011

This version adds

  • The ability to import report designs from Microsoft Excel.  You can import a worksheet range as a report design. The import will do cell sizes, fonts, colors, borders, alignment, and text.   The import creates a report that “looks like” the original Excel worksheet.   Formulas are not translated since they would not work and need to be reprogrammed, but the formulas are brought in and stored in a table cell’s tag property for reference.   The formatting is not 100%, but it is real close.
  • Updated Query Builder with several changes
  • Fixed bug when importing Dev Express reports
  • Added button to Data Sources form to save a data source as the Primary Data Connection (PDC) or Secondary Data Connection (SDC)
  • Added auto load button for the PDC and SDC which will create individual data sources for all tables/queries/views from a single button
  • Corrected bug when viewing data on the Data Source detail form when the table/query/view name contains spaces
  • Added menu items on the report designer to increase or decrease the size of fonts on all controls on a report
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