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Attention Educators and Students

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We are offering you a FREE TRIAL of Sunset Reports for the duration of a semester. The software is a great working software tool for a variety of “Information System” topics. It is easy to install and no additional software is required. Many samples are included and the instructors can create their own examples. Sample course outlines are provided and all concepts are directly applicable to other software. And at the end of the semester there is a discount available for purchase.

The applicable subject areas include: Data Analysis, SQL and Query Design, Report Design, Graphing Data, Web Page Design, and Programming.

Here is a document with some suggested course outlines.
Course Outlines PDF


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Our video page is expanding with new videos and we have added some of our videos to YouTube.    Check out the Sunset Reports Channel on YouTube.

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About Our Name

February 14, 2011 Leave a comment

For those of you curious about why we named our product what we did.  There are 3 reasons.  First, we wanted an easy name that everyone would remember.  In fact, most of us get a glimpse of a sunset once in a while.   Well that is kind of a cool way to advertise the product.   Secondly, we have all seen many beautiful sunsets.   Well, our software lets you create beautiful documents and reports.   And finally, if you are creating reports for the activities of the day or you have reports that take a while to process and you want to delay that processing during the non-peak hours, the best time to do that is after sunset.   Well there you have it.   So check out one of the best data analysis and reporting software products at .

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How to get your Latitude and Longitude for the Preferences form

February 9, 2011 Leave a comment
As our ad says, when the sun goes down, Sunset Reports starts working.   Of course you will use Sunset Reports during the day too.  If you would like to have the time of sunset each day be displayed on your splash screen and available for scheduling of reports, you need to add the latitude and longitude of your location on the Preferences form.   There are a number of ways to do this from using a GPS at your location, to going to various websites that provide that information when you enter a city or zip code.   Here is a simple method.   Go to Google Maps.   Zoom into your location.   Right mouse click on your location and select “What’s Here?”.  On the top of the web page in the search box, is the latitude and longitude.   They are even in the right format.   Enter the first number as the latitude on the preferences form and the second number as the longitude.
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Our History

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The history of the software actually goes back to 1997.   The functionality and architecture has evolved over the years on different platforms and during that time the software was part of several different applications and software products.  It was not until about a year ago, we decided to break it out into a stand alone product and give it the name Sunset Reports.  So yes it actually is a very mature product.

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